I'm so happy that you are joining me here. Thank you so very much for touching my life. I started this page to help journal my weight loss journey, share my love of soap making, spinning yarn and crochet. 

     I have always struggled with my weight. Not due to over eating or an unhealthy diet, but because of insulin resistance, skipping meals and yo yo  dieting. Diabetes runs very heavily in my family and affects metabolism as well as so many other aspects of life. I have followed many different eating styles over the course of my life thus far and am finding that Trim Healthy Mama has been one that I can implement and sustain unlike the others.

     I have been an active soap maker for almost 25 years. That journey began while making Christmas gifts for family and friends. I am always open to learning new things and love to share with my friends and family. I practice both hot and cold process methods with my preference being hot process and milling. I also have branched into other skin care items.
You can find these products here.

     My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a young girl. It really didn't become a hobby that I loved until my grand daughter was born. Please let me explain, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 12. Holding my hook and yarn in a traditional manner was always very painful for me. But when my son informed me that they were expecting I recalled the lovely things that my grandma had made for him, and wanted to bless them with similar items.

     I spin on a spinning wheel and a hand spindle. Seeing all the handmade yarns and interesting fiber combinations peaked my interest into this traditional craft. While caring for my mom I needed something to occupy my time. So I began looking more closely into this craft. I love sitting at my wheel and meditating while I spin and when I am through I then have materials to make unique items with quality fibers.