Tuesday, December 23, 2014

When the scale is stalling...

So I have been at this weight loss thing since February, and the scale is truly not my friend lately. Yes I have lost 34 pounds which is amazing considering my age, health and exercise.

     It is the holiday season, do I want to have to follow an eating plan, not really. However this year is a little different, I have options for family favorites as well as other on plan goodness, I just have to control my portions,be diligent in my exercise and drink my fluids.

     I have almost totally cut out diet Mt Dew which is a miracle in my life, prior to starting all of this I was drinking over 1 gallon of it a day. That is so crazy to think I was filling my body full of all the crazy ingredients, not to mention sodium and carbonation. I do still enjoy carbonated beverages but now they are herbal teas and small amounts of juice carbonated with water from my soda stream.