Monday, January 12, 2015

My Favorite Printable Meal Planner

Blank Weekly Menu Plan

     This is my favorite meal planner. it allows me to set goals, make notes and label my meals by type  ( for my Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle). I first saw this style of planner at this blog, although they don't allow you to print a blank one for personal use which is what prompted me to make my own add a note area and offer it as a free printable

     If you aren't following that lifestyle, this works wonderfully for diabetes management in that you can note the carb counts in the little boxes or b/s readings.

      Planning and logging your food is a major component in successful weight loss and diabetes management. I can say from experience that having a food and b/s log has helped me see what foods trigger b/s spikes and when I may not have eaten enough.

     Using forms like this to plan also help with grocery shopping and compiling the list of ingredients needed. Noting things like the recipe page number helps my husband to locate recipes if he is the one preparing the meal.