Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bread and Trim Healthy Mama

     One thing that many mama's including myself do is to shy away from bread products. It is quite confusing to know which brands, styles and types of bread are on plan and in which meal setting.

     In our house I am the one who has issues with eating off plan bread products. Some E meals really mess with my blood sugar. The recommended brand of store bought bread is Ezekiel 4:9. While I am sure this product is enjoyed by many it doesn't work in our house for a couple of reasons:
  • It is stored in the freezer
  • The texture
  • The cost
     I have always loved bread making, it relaxes me and is therapeutic. My family was really missing homemade bread so I started looking in the book to see which recipes would work for us.

     The Chewy Sprouted Mini Loaves on page 422 was the first recipe that I tried. And boy did that not go well. My wheat berries sprouted with no problem see aren't they great ...

Sprouted Wheat Berries
But the finished loaves came out with the density of hockey pucks, they were not edible... expensive ingredients in the trash once more...

     I continued reading and found a sour dough recipe on page 420. It's a rye and spelt recipe that makes 6 loaves. That's not going to work in our house.

     So off to the internet to search for an acceptable recipe ... I found many. I am still working on this and will post more when I find some that work on plan.

     Until then one of the other ladies who is also on plan, posted a reasonable 2 loaf recipe using sprouted flours that can be made in a bread machine. I made it using my  Kitchen aid.